Professional Development & Supervision

Professional Development

Professional Development is very important to us as an organisation. We want our chaplains to be continually upskilling themselves, to keep current and to offer our schools a high level of understanding in issues pertaining to children and the effect of these issues on their ongoing well-being or ‘hauora’ in education and in life.

Here are some of the current courses/workshops we are actively promoting:

childrenwritingChild Matters – ‘Educating to prevent child abuse’ We have formed a partnership with Child Matters to regularly provide workshops, of which they offer more than 24 specialised topics pertaining to the care of children for example,

  • Recognising and responding to child abuse
  • Protecting children with disabilities
  • Caring for children with difficult behaviours

Seasons for Growth – a peer-based programme helping children cope with change, grief and loss

The ‘Weaving’ programme – a mentoring programme which can be offered to schools as a way to target individual children needing a consistent adult in their life who will support them and ‘walk alongside’ them in life.

Interactive Drawing Therapy – a tool to aid children in expressing their feelings, using effective drawing and writing techniques.



Our chaplains are expected to attend monthly group supervision with other chaplains. This is a requirement to keep our chaplains emotionally healthy, and to keep them connected with their peers and with Lifewalk as an organisation.

Supervision is confidential, informal and overseen by a facilitator, either a trained counsellor or pastoral person.



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