How could a Chaplain benefit my school?

‘Research indicates that 50% of academic success is based on traditional intelligence, the rest relies on social and emotional literacy.’ (Sourced from the Weaving Programme material)

P1070097eWe want all children in New Zealand to have the opportunity to experience optimal health and well-being or ‘hauora’. In order for our children to thrive they need to acknowledge and care for the physical, mental and emotional, social and spiritual areas. This is supported by the Te Whare Tapa Wha model, which is in the NZ School curriculum.

A chaplain allows children the opportunity to explore this and to think about maintaining a healthy balance in each area of their lives.

The work of a chaplain enhances the values taught through the Key Competencies laid out in the NZ Curriculum, 2007, supporting what the school is trying to achieve such as;  relating to others, managing self and participation & contribution, to name a few.